In addition, Alsumaria notes that MP Iman al-Moussawi (also with the Sadr bloc) states that Nouri pressured the Electoral Commission to change the votes. These charges were made during the 2010 recounts and there was validity to them. If a few votes were changed this go round, this is major because in all but one province State of Law won, it did not win huge majorities. In Wasit, for example, it beat Amar al-Hakim's Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq by 2% — Wasit had charges of voter fraud and had a huge number of voters turned away two Saturdays ago when security forces were doing early voting. There's even dispute as to whether State of Law comes in first in eight provinces. Some outlets are claiming it's only seven. If the IHEC would publish their totals — as they were supposed to already do — it would eliminate a great deal of confusion.







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