The hunger strike by 2000 among 6480 detainees in Al-Taji prison – known as The Whale – that started on Dec 18th 2012, is still going on after the death of at least 2 of the detainees on strike, and the unconsciousness of many others.

Iraqi lawyer Badie Aref Izzat about the 19 August 2009 Baghdad bombings. Two groups of innocent Iraqi persons have already been sentenced to death by Maliki's regime for committing this crime. How many more will follow?

Ghosts of dead armies behind Atlas Cinema

by Sarmad Al-Taee on 16-12-2012

This is a poetic reflection rather than merely a column. It is about “dead armies,” whose ghosts creep into Al-Saadoon Street, when the city becomes deserted.



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