The Islamic State has imposed strict conditions for books entering Iraq by land, confiscating all those related to Christianity and slowly destroying cultural pluralism in Iraqi society.

Dubai Transit

by Louis Yako on 08-09-2014

It is equally disheartening to see how the concepts of “culture” and “diversity” are being abused and deployed by those who run the multi-national corporations that not only do not give a damn about culture and diversity, but in fact would do everything in their power to exploit such concepts to normalize the cancerous culture that is destroying everything meaningful and colorful in our world.

Palestinian journalists writing culture

by Haifa Zangana on 05-09-2014

Activities at writing workshop provided a way for Palestinian artists and writers to assert their humanity under an inhuman occupation.

Baghdad looks like a big concrete container , where concrete barriers and barbed wire spread in the streets that surrounds its buildings and the headquarters of government ministries and banks especially for fear of explosions.

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