The Osama bin Laden Myth

by Paul Craig Roberts on 30-11-2012

The interview below with Osama bin Laden was conducted by the Karachi, Pakistan, daily newspaper, Ummat and published on September 28, 2001

The degree of terror felt by ordinary Palestinian civilians in Gaza is barely noticed in the media, in stark contrast to the world's awareness of terrorised and shock-treated Israeli citizens.

We in the Gaza Strip will not die in silence

by Musa Abumarzuq on 19-11-2012

If the world will not defend the Palestinians against Israel, we have the right to defend ourselves

The Obama administration's unstinting financial, military and diplomatic support for Israel is a key enabling force in the conflict

While Netanyahu publically announced support for a Palestinian state on the West Bank, his government has threaten to end the Oslo Accords if the United Nations General Assembly granted Palestine with non-member observer state status.

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