… then we'll have sufficient resources to organize simultaneous translation (English-Arabic-French-Spanish) during the conference and we’ll be able to pay for travel expenses for participants (from America, Asia, Africa) We count on your support and solidarity!


1000 times € 20 or $ 27

Through independent, expert analysis and concrete proposals, the IADL-conference will make a fundamental contribution towards “Accountability and Justice for Iraq”.

To ensure maximum participation and impact, the BRussells Tribunal needs your financial support for the Iraqi people.

There are three ways that you or your organisation can contribute:


three payment options


The BRussells Tribunal

IBAN: BE35 1325 2514 7937


Delta Lloyd Bank – Synergy@work, Koning Leopold I – straat 48, 3000 Leuven – Belgium


The BRussells Tribunal

P/A Ward Treunen – Boureng 49, 7864 Deux-Acren – Belgium



As you contribute, via bank transfer or checque or PayPal:

Please send us an email with your full name and address and you’ll receive an official receipt.

– for organisations: please attach your logo, so we can publish it on the website

– for individual donors: please let us know if you want your name to be mentioned in the list of sponsors

1.SPONSOR TRAVELCOSTS – amount: €20 ($27)  

We have invited activists and lawyers from all over the world with experience in lawsuits against those who are responsible for the invasion, the occupation and destruction of Iraq. Their knowledge and experience is important and even indispensable for the success of this conference.  – Reference: “sponsor a participant”.

2.SUPPORT THE CONFERENCE – amount: €50 ($68)  

Contributions for the general expenses of the conference would also be greatly appreciated. A donation of €20 can make a real difference!  –  Reference: “support the conference”

3.SPECIAL SUPPORTER – €1000 ($1356) or more  

If you have the means and would like to make a larger donation, why not become a “special supporter”? A donation of €1000 or more would go a long way towards ensuring our goal of maximum participation and practical impact. – Reference: “special supporter”



Since its establishment in 2003, the BRussells Tribunal has organised numerous activities, such as:

2004: BRussells Tribunal April 14-17 2004

2005: President Bush, the world holds you accountable !

2006: International action weekend: Stop the occupation

2007: International action weekend: No war – No occupation

2008: Messages To The People

2009: What future for Iraq?

2010: Cultural Cleansing In Iraq: bookpresentation

2011: International Seminar on the Situation of Iraqi Academics – 9/10/11 March 2011 Ghent University

2012: Bookpresentation In Ghent: Mind The Book: BEYOND EDUCIDE

2013: The BRussells Awards for solidarity and resistance

All our activities have been made possible through the generosity of numerous donations and volunteers.


The International Association of Democratic Lawyers (IADL), a non-governmental organization having consultative status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC), will hold its 18th Congress in Brussels (Belgium) from 15th to 19th April 2014. This Congress will be the number one meeting-, networking- and exchange opportunity for hundreds of legal activists throughout the world.

Two days of this Congress will be dedicated to several commissions on topics and themes in which legal activists worldwide are involved. In partnership with IADL the BRussells Tribunal will organize a commission about “Accountability and Justice for Iraq”.

The aggression against Iraq, launched by the “Coalition of the Willing”, under the command of the US and UK, was not just immoral, it was properly illegal and fits the Nuremberg definition of a Crime against Peace. Such a war should have its legal consequences for the aggressors and rights for the victims under International law.

The BRussells Tribunal intends to bring together international legal experts and activists who will explore the possibilities for legal actions against those responsible for the war of aggression against Iraq. Participants will also share their experiences about past and present legal procedures and will discuss the different forms of legal action.

Through independent, expert analysis and concrete proposals, the IADL-conference will make a fundamental contribution towards “Accountability and Justice for Iraq”.




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