In Iraq and Afghanistan, anthropologists are involved in activities such as gathering information on genealogical relationships and development projects, finding out why insurgents cluster in particular areas, briefing commanders before tactical operations, and advising on psychological warfare.

Day after day, U.S. air strikes have conclusively answered the familiar question of 9/11: "Why do they hate us?"

Gilles Munier, from Rennes, who became well known at the end of the seventies for his knowledge of Iraq and later for his opposition to the embargo, was accused by Judge Pilippe Courroye in October 2005 in the case known as “Oil for food,” of “peddling political favours” and “corruption of foreign public officials;” in other words, he was accused of having violated a UN resolution.”

Payout to 71 former prisoners is first of its kind from a defence contractor active in Iraq: Iraqi prisoners who allege they were tortured in Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq are being paid $5.8m by the subsidiary of a US defence contractor accused of complicity in their mistreatment.

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