The illegal war launched by the US-UK led “Coalition of the Willing” clearly fits the Nuremburg definition of a Crime against Peace. Such a war must have legal consequences for the aggressors and for the rights of its victims under international law. The IAON calls for 2013 to be a year of campaign for ACCOUNTABILITY AND JUSTICE FOR IRAQ.

A prominent lawyer says internationally sought after war criminals, former US president George W. Bush and former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, will eventually be brought to justice for their heinous crimes against humanity.

A Conference in Geneva about the “crimes of the former Iraqi regime”, organised by the Iraqi government, has turned into a condemnation against the occupation and the current authorities.

Madeleine's Medals: Unlimited Imperialism, Unspeakable Crimes

by Raymond William Baker and Dirk Adriaensens on 28-09-2012

The new Iraq, compliant with US global and Israeli regional dominance, would implant American imperial power in the very heart of the oil-rich and strategically critical Arab world.

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