Hawija investigation results revealed

by Shafaq News on 01-05-2013

The parliamentary investigative committee in Hawija incident revealed on Tuesday, that 90% of the dead in the army’s’ storming incident to the Sit-in Square were shot in the head, abdomen and chest areas, while made it clear that the weapons that were stolen from the army were outside the Sit-in Square.

"There are signs that the Iraqi army can no longer cope with a crisis in which it is confronting large fractions of the Iraqi population. Many soldiers prefer to desert the army rather than shoot at protesters. Most deserters are Sunni, but some are Shia who don’t want to fight in strange places for something they don’t believe in"

To follow the massacre scenario of Hawija (Kirkuk region, Iraq) on April 23rd 2013, when 50 were killed and 110 wounded -according to the director of Kirkuk hospital- on the hand of the Iraqi military forces, it is easy to note that the escalation of the situation step by step is a miniature scenario of the invasion and occupation of Iraq in 2003, the only difference is that in the Hawija massacre troops put on the military Iraqi uniform -after Iraqi occupation- while in 2003 they were putting on the American uniform. It is also the tenth anniversary of the invasion and occupation of Iraq.

Un massacre planifiĂ© d'avance dans la province de Ramadi à prĂ©sent

by Central Committee of Coordination on 27-04-2013

CommuniquĂ© du ComitĂ© de coordination centrale pour soutenir le soulèvement iraqien

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