We Are Fine in Gaza. How Are You?

by Magid Shihade on 28-11-2012

In celebrating the 85th anniversary of the Communist Party in Syria and Lebanon, the Palestinian singer and writer—Khaled El-Hibr sang these words: We are fine in Gaza – How about you? – We are fine under attack – How about you? – Our martyrs are under the rubbles – Our children now living in the tents – And they ask about you – We are fine in Gaza – How about you?

Israel’s assault on Gaza has totally demolished its vibrant recovery and growth since the previous war of destruction. In 2011 the economy of Gaza grew by 20%; after the recent Israeli attack who would dare consider Gaza as a place to live and invest?

Evil: Plain and Simple

by Kim Petersen on 25-11-2012

The ongoing, repeated carnage and slaughter in Gaza (Syria, Bahrain, Afghanistan …) underscores the utter futility of pandering to lesser evilism. If one votes for a degree of evil, then one should not be surprised when evil results.

A ceasefire has entered into force and attacks on Gaza have stopped since yesterday, 21 November 2012, night. Al Mezan Centre for Human Rights is preparing a report with description of IOF attacks, and lists of their victims.

Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Commission Hearing on Palestine: Witness Testimonies

by Kuala Lumpur Foundation to Criminalise War on 25-11-2012

Report of the War Crimes Commission Hearing held in Kuala Lumpur. 20 November: PALESTINE WITNESSES RELATE ACTS OF â€.

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