Women have been subjected to torture by electrocution, beatings, and rape by the investigators during interrogation. They had been also raped by the police and officers escorting them.They said that women prisoners got infected diseases and scabies. Ages of the children, accompanied by their mother’s prisoners, ranging from a few months to four years and without any suitable supplies for them in the prison, . . such a situation does not exist in any prison in the world….

Third and final part of my impressions, as an observer and member of the international delegation of the World Tribunal on Iraq (WTI) network to observe the trial of Ayse Berktay, one of the founders of the WTI. In this KCK operations trial in Istanbul some 200 people are accused.

Fragments of an observer’s diary of the “KCK- trial” in Silivri [As I explained in a first contribution as an observer, member of an international delegation, The KCK trial in Silivri is a Kafkaesque event in a high security military camp and prison in the middle of nowhere.]

Fragments of an observer’s diary of the “KCK- trial” in Silivri

I was taken into custody at 5am on 3 October 2011, when my house was raided by the police.

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