We repeat that announces the establishment of an Islamic State or Islamic Emirate or non – Islamic, under the present circumstances, is neither in Iraq’s interest nor in the interest of its unity.

Not the Iraq I remembered

by Jamal Kanj on 05-07-2014

Shaking his head my colleague responded, "For the Zion-cons, it was the right decision. Dismantling Iraq was the Zion-con's aim. It was never Saddam or Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)."

Is As-Sistani Revealing Lack of Wisdom?

by Abdul-Haq Al-Ani on 29-06-2014

The religious duty of a Muslim leader is to oppose the invasion of his land which would inevitably result in killing and destruction, both of which should not be condoned by a Muslim.

What is happening In Iraq?

by Abdul-Haq Al-Ani on 29-06-2014

Anyone who has spent some time looking into the British Government’s archives would find that even before the end of WWI and the birth of modern political Iraq, the Imperialist British were weary of the potential of a united Iraq threatening their future interest.

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