A look into recent developments of the Iraqi uprising against Maliki. Videos and eyewitness testimonies will give the reader a different perspective of current events inside Iraq.

The Media and the Iraqi Revolt.

by Ibrahim Ebeid on 12-01-2014

The media are deceiving the majority of the American people and keeping them blindfolded, in the dark, and ignorant.

Sit-ins were held in Hawijah, Kirkuk, Iraq, starting from early 2013, following a nation-wide trend. Amongst other demands, the demonstrators were seeking the release of detainees and the cancelation of the fourth article of the Iraqi Anti-Terrorism Law, which allows the death sentence of those charged with terrorism and related activities.

17 May: 'Our Choice Is The Protection Of Our Identity' Friday

by Iraqi Spring Media Center and The Common Ills on 18-05-2013

Summary of Events of the Iraqi Popular Revolution, Friday 17 May 2013. And The Common Ills Blog comments on Friday's events.

Iraq's invisible refugee crisis

by Dahr Jamail on 14-05-2013

As violence in Iraq reaches levels not seen in years, untold numbers of Iraqis are once again seeking refuge elsewhere

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