The BRussells Award for Resistance.

by Uday Al Zaidi on 06-02-2013

A reaction of Uday Alzaidi from Iraq.

Dear Friends,

I received the news of getting the Resistance and Solidarity Award from the BRussells Tribunal, and I would like to thank everyone who has played a role in my life and helped me to achieve this award. First among them is the honorable Iraqi resistance in all its expressions and forms. These people in the Iraqi resistance are the ones who deserve this award, however not only an Award, we owe them our souls and everything we have. The Iraqi resistance has played a vital role in liberating us from the occupation and without its efforts, we wouldn’t be able to raise our heads in pride and be on the path we are on now.
I would also like to thank my brother Muntadher Al-Zaidi who threw his shoes at the criminal George W.Bush, leading us on the path of defending our country as one family, loved by all who respect the resisting attitude of their son.
And finally, I would like to dedicate this Award to the martyrs of the resistance who gave their souls to free the Iraqi people, especially the martyrs of Pride and Dignity Square who died on Jan 25th, 2013 in the city of Fallujah when they were peacefully demonstrating. They faced Maliki’s armed forces bullets with hearts filled with love for Allah and Iraq.

It is not I, Uday Al-Zaidi who deserves this award, but the brave people of the resistance. Their award from Allah is even greater as they are all in Heaven now. I give them and every Iraqi my word that I will always be on the path of resistance until we are able to liberate our country from the inflitrators who came on the tanks of the Anglo-American occupation and with the help of Iran.

May Allah give us strength,

Your brother
Uday Al-Zaidi

more about the BRussells Awards for Resistance and Solidarity: here

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