by Mike Powers on 14-03-2013

Help put accountability for the destruction of Iraq´s cultural heritage on the agenda during the 10th anniversary year of the US-led invasion!

The Shaheet (Martyr) Monument to the millions who died in the long Iraq-Iran war in the 1980´s was turned into a landing pad with a surrounding military base.

Join us in supporting an international effort to bring attention to the facts by arranging candlelight vigils and by leafleting visitors outside as many museums as possible on Wednesday April 10, 2013 for a few hours. This is a tradition started by Donny George, the former Museum Director and the organization Saving Antiquities (SAFE).    

On April 10-12 2003 the national museum in Baghdad was looted as US troops stood by to protect the Ministry of Oil. Countless artifacts were stolen, most have never been returned. Valuable religious minority archives were seized and brought to the US where they remain. Numerous monuments of historical importance were desecrated and destroyed. The ancient ruins of Babylon were flattened in places to build landing pads for coalition helicopters! Much of this destruction could have been foreseen and avoided. Aghast at the destruction of one of the cradles of civilization, the French President described the situation as a “crime against humanity”.

We demand:

The statue of the 8th century Caliph Abu Jaafar Al-Mansour, the founder of Baghdad and one of the great leaders in Arab history, was blown up in 2005 despite many witnesses during the American protectorate. Many religious sites for all denominations have also been destroyed during the decade following the invasion.

That the UNESCO resolution adopted on protecting Iraq culture be fully implemented

That all trade in stolen artifacts be vigorously stopped and the criminal perpetrators be persecuted and

That the US, as the occupying power, be held responsible for the restoration of destroyed cultural sites and the return of stolen property.

Let 2013 be a campaign year “For Justice and Accountability for Iraq” in all areas. The world will not forget the criminal destruction of Iraqi culture.

The Iraq Solidarity Association in Stockholm :

(16-04-2013) â€.

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