“The situation of women prisoners is a tragedy and there are many indications that cases of rape have become the rule rather than the exception.”

Persecution of members of the Palestinian community in Iraq began almost immediately after the US led invasion in April 2003. Palestinians were subject to harassment, targeted attacks, kidnapping, abduction, torture and extra-judicial killings by the Iraqi government and militias

Une confĂ©rence internationale de « SolidaritĂ© avec les prisonniers palestiniens et arabes des prisons de l'occupation israĂ©lienne », à l'initiative de la Ligue arabe et accueillie par la RĂ©publique d'Irak, se tiendra les 11 & 12 dĂ©cembre 2012 à Bagdad.

We Are Fine in Gaza. How Are You?

by Magid Shihade on 28-11-2012

In celebrating the 85th anniversary of the Communist Party in Syria and Lebanon, the Palestinian singer and writer—Khaled El-Hibr sang these words: We are fine in Gaza – How about you? – We are fine under attack – How about you? – Our martyrs are under the rubbles – Our children now living in the tents – And they ask about you – We are fine in Gaza – How about you?

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