War Crimes as Policy


For the last few weeks, American pundits have been cataloguing the horrors. They tell how the Bush and Obama regimes, united in the unstated policy of war crimes, probably murdered more than a million Iraqis, displaced around five million, and imprisoned and tortured hundreds of thousands without trial.

Nota informativa de la CEOSI: Esta guerra, que ahora forma parte del 'pasado', según el Partido Popular, ha producido la muerte de más de un millón y medio de iraquíes y cinco millones de refugiados y desplazados internos que aún no pueden regresar a sus casas

An article on the propaganda war language, starting with western media use of 'toppling of Saddam' and 'Iraq war', drawing on similarities in calling the US war on Vietnam the “ Vietnam war”, to cover up the invasion and occupation with all its devastating consequences. Finishing with the communist comrades of the Iraqi Communist Party (ICP) calling it 'the change' or the “ aftermath of 2003”, as the ICP general secretary keeps reiterates. Haifa points out the irony that on 9th April 1972 Iraq signed an agreement of friendship and cooperation with the USSR blessed by the ICP. Today, Iraq has a similar agreement with the invaders/occupiers also blessed by the ICP!

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