“The situation of women prisoners is a tragedy and there are many indications that cases of rape have become the rule rather than the exception.”

“No está escrito en nuestros corazones, está tallado en nuestros corazones.” Me despertĂ© esta mañana con estas palabras todavĂ­a agitándose en mi cabeza.

A estas alturas ya estamos familiarizados con el uso del poder militar de los Estados imperialistas para atacar, destruir y ocupar paĂ­ses independientes.

When women in Iraq are arrested, they routinely go through three gruesome phases, starting with humiliation, followed by torture, and often ending with rape. I have received disturbing information from two different, well informed sources: one from qualified social workers in Al-Kadimiyah Women Prison, the other from three national guards officers who worked in the prison.

Persecution of members of the Palestinian community in Iraq began almost immediately after the US led invasion in April 2003. Palestinians were subject to harassment, targeted attacks, kidnapping, abduction, torture and extra-judicial killings by the Iraqi government and militias

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