Oil workers start new protests despite reprisals

by ALI ABU IRAQ, BEN LANDO AND STAFF of Iraq Oil Report on 09-04-2013

Workers at Iraq's South Oil Company protest against years of delayed bonus payments and other benefits and working conditions.

Diyala, Baquba ( -Seven people were injured due to an Improvised Explosive Device explosion in Baquba city of central Diyala province

Sheikh Harith Al-Dhari's letter to the BRussells Tribunal

by Harith Sulaiman Al-Dhari on 02-04-2013

On the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the American Occupation and in recognition of all your good and well-meaning efforts in the service of humanitarian issues, including that of lraq, we are writing you the following message with the hope that it will be dealt with in a fitting manner that serves our cause.

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