Dr Fouad Al Bayaty, a forced migrated academic who works in Malaysia currently, is complaining to the Minister of higher Education about the republication of his already published research of 2002 by three other academics of the Dentistry Medical College of Al-Mustansiryah University.

Une confĂ©rence internationale de « SolidaritĂ© avec les prisonniers palestiniens et arabes des prisons de l'occupation israĂ©lienne », à l'initiative de la Ligue arabe et accueillie par la RĂ©publique d'Irak, se tiendra les 11 & 12 dĂ©cembre 2012 à Bagdad.

Iraq is still being emptied of its brightest minds and it seems there’s no end in sight of the endless strings of killings of Iraqi intellectuals.

Minister of Higher Education Ali Al-Adeeb: the Champion of Sectarianism and Corruption?

by Iraqi Sources of the BRussells Tribunal and Dirk Adriaensens on 12-11-2012

If Maliki considers Ali Al-Adeeb’s policies as too sectarian, then Al-Adeeb must be the champion of sectarian extremism. Furthermore, the Minister of Higher Education seems to be an utterly corrupt and despicable person. He is the proud owner of a forged university diploma, as Dirk Adriaensens already wrote in the December 2011 article: “Further Destruction Of Iraq's Higher Education: Blazing Fires, Forged Degrees And Silencer Guns” His stooges are also suspected to have assassinated the Director-General of Administration in Iraq's Ministry of Higher Education & Scientific Research, Dawood Salman Rahim and his son, Hassanein. He is an example “par excellence” of the ruling elite in the new Iraq.


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