This documentary follows Ross Caputi, veteran of the 2nd siege of Fallujah, as he searches for the truth about what he participated in. Please consider to support his documentary.

Durante el congreso se dedicarán dos días a las diversas comisiones sobre asuntos y temas en los que los activistas de todo el mundo están implicados. El miércoles 16 y el jueves 17 de abril el Tribunal BRussells, junto con la IADL, organizará la comisión Responsabilidad y justicia para Iraq.

Lies from the very beginning

by Iraq Solidarity Association in Stockholm on 03-09-2013

The US and Great Britain claimed that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction. There were none. They claimed that Iraq was behind the terrorism of Al Qaida. But Al Qaida came to Iraq after the invasion.

Arabism was a constant theme throughout the first day of the conference.

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