La fiscalía anunció que apelará la decisión de la Sala de lo penal de París de absolver a las personas y empresas implicadas en el caso Petróleo por alimentos

Oil Wars: a Moral Cancer

by WILLIAM MANSON on 04-06-2013

“Roughly” 500,000 children in the early 1990s? “About” a million people killed by the invasion and its aftermath? “A few million” more lives maimed, displaced, wrecked (as much by grief and despair as by physical mutilation)? Such statistics are terribly abstract, obscenely abstract: an adding-machine tabulates an endless list of corpses into an abstract figure to be entered in the chronicle of “collateral damage,” “civilian casualties,”—or a “body count.”

Former Iraqi oil minister Issam Chalabi says that although Iraq is an oil-rich country, it still imports petroleum products from abroad to meet its needs 10 years after the US-led invasion of the country.

Oil workers start new protests despite reprisals

by ALI ABU IRAQ, BEN LANDO AND STAFF of Iraq Oil Report on 09-04-2013

Workers at Iraq's South Oil Company protest against years of delayed bonus payments and other benefits and working conditions.

U.S. Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel, 4 Star General John Abizaid, Fed boss Alan Greenspan, President George W. Bush, Senator John McCain, Sarah Palin, Bush speechwriter David Frum, key war architect John Bolton, and a high-level National Security Council officer all say that the Iraq war was about oil.

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