The Iraqi Civil Society Solidarity Initiative [ICSSI] supports all the demonstrators who are working to build an Iraq free from corruption, ethnic and sectarian conflict, and injustice.

AyĹźe Berktay is a peace and human rights activist, a translator and a writer on feminism and politics, now in prison in Turkey. In order to supply information to people we compiled a biographical outline of AyĹźe.

Maliki attacks the protesters as unconstitutional and illegal. They demand change and exercise their Constitutional rights, he sticks his military on them and says they are a threat or Ba'athists or terrorists or paid off by foreign agents or some other lunatic from his paranoid mind.

يتسائل العالم بأسرة : ماهي مطالب هؤلاء المتظاهرين؟ ماالذي يدفع الناس الى أن يتجمعوا في الشوارع بعد سنوات من العيش في ظروف أنسانية ومدنية لايمكن أحتمالها ؟

What happened recently in Iraq to trigger mass mobilizations seeing as how the street has been very quiet the past several months?

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