Maliki attacks the protesters as unconstitutional and illegal. They demand change and exercise their Constitutional rights, he sticks his military on them and says they are a threat or Ba'athists or terrorists or paid off by foreign agents or some other lunatic from his paranoid mind.

The world is asking, what are the demands of the protestors? After so many years of living under unbearable civil and humanitarian circumstances, what is pushing the people into the streets?

What happened recently in Iraq to trigger mass mobilizations seeing as how the street has been very quiet the past several months?

High court to hear shocking testimonies alleging sexual abuse and torture of Iraqi prisoners and their families by British armed forces between 2003 and 2008

Des milliers de résistants irakiens, des musulmans venus de loin pour libérer l’Irak des envahisseurs occidentaux, croupissent dans les geôles du régime de Nouri al-Maliki dans des conditions effroyables, quand ils n’ont pas été tout simplement liquidés lors de leur arrestation.

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