Mr Al-Zaidi was arrested by Iraqi security forces at 18.00 hrs., on Friday January 9th near Al-Nasriyah in southern Iraq. This is an appeal for the immediate and urgent mobilization of your Agencies in securing the release of the prominent human rights defender, Mr.Uday Al-Zaidi.

Release Tariq Aziz !

by Dirk Adriaensens on 23-12-2014

My father has been in prison for over 11 years with no crime committed to his name.

AMS calls on international community to accommodate tragic situation in Iraq. – Government-backed militias committing genocide against unarmed civilians.

Six former US detainees who were never charged with a crime, were flown to Uruguay on Sunday to begin new lives as refugees.

Ask Iraq to release Dr Mujbal Humadi Awad

by Dr. Souad Al-Azzawi and Nicolas J.S. Davies on 04-11-2014

Arrest of University professor Dr Mujbal Humadi Awad by Abadi Government Security forces in al Adhamiyah City in Baghdad.

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